Piece of Mind

by Andrew Harlem, PhD
About once every ten years something truly wonderful happens. Call it a psychoanalytic eclipse; the annual Division 39 spring meeting comes to town. NCSPP's parent organization, the Division is a vibrant professional home for psychoanalytic clinicians from all over the country. This year's meeting offers an unbeatable opportunity to get involved, connect with colleagues and friends, and attend a innovative slate of panels and papers -- without stepping on a plane.
Working in psychoanalysis means living in it. While one might say accountants view the world through numbers, lawyers through rule, neither lives their work in quite the same way we do. Psychoanalysis is not merely a profession or discipline; it is a culture, an endlessly evolving meaning system, a mode of engagement. This year's conference, themed Life in Psychoanalysis in Life, radiates outward, engaging us in passionate conversation with the broader social world. Topics include love in the 21st century, futurism, film. There will also be a dialogue on psychoanalysis between choreographer Joe Goode and Brigadier General Stephen Xenakis, MD. Check out the full slate here. See you April 22 -26 at the San Francisco Palace Hotel.