Queer LifeSpace is excited to notify the broader mental health community about the availability of low-cost mental health and substance abuse services for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex (LGBTQQI) communities of the Bay Area.
There is a void in affordable, safe and culturally relevant mental health care to serve the unique needs of many LGBTQQI individuals.  Commencing in July 2011, Queer LifeSpace began to fill this gap.   LGBTQQI people suffer higher rates of suicidality, trauma, depression, anxiety, and a host of other increased risks and episodic exposures to various psychosocial stressors.  Couple these psychosocial factors with the general decreases in public sector funding for mental health services - which have resulted in the closure of many LGBTQQI focused care facilities- and Queer LifeSpace recognizes a heightened sense of urgency around providing access to competent low-fee therapy.
Within our newly remodeled suite of offices in the heart of the Castro, we currently offer individual, couples and group therapies.  Groups have integrative theoretical approaches and include: substance abstinence support, trans support, women's support, men's relationship support, harm reduction support, and mindfulness. We operate on a sliding scale and have recently received non-profit status to assist us in sustaining these culturally competent and low-fee services.
Starting in Fall 2012, Queer LifeSpace will also be offering a queer-informed didactic and clinical training program to provide the next generation of therapists serving our community with the highest level of culturally competent expertise.
To learn more or request a tour of our facilities, please contact Executive Director Nancy Heilner at 415-385-2000 x 363, or email her at nheilner@queerlifespace.org.  Alternately, visit us at www.queerlifespace.org.