NCSPP as an analytic community may be interested in an institute dedicated to integrating the analytic and somatic fields of psychology. As well as whole-day and half-day workshops, The Analytic Somatic Therapy Institute (ASTTI) offers two and four year certification trainings in Analytic Somatic Psychotherapy. This training leads to, if desired, a certification in Bioenergetic Analysis, a neo-Reichian methodology that has been refined through generations of practitioners. 

Psychoanalysts have long been interested in the symbolic body observed in dreams and fantasy and the psycho-somatic fusion. But the body-person walking into our office with their complex experiences and resistances impacts us energetically. The felt experience of projective identification remains unknown to us. Being at home in our own body is as important as learning to track and read our clients' body-selves. The psyche and soma, as Winnicott said, has no inherent identity, and so learning just about psyche can not teach us much about soma. 

Under the clinical guidance of Dr. John Conger, Ph.D., a psycho-analyst and International Bioenergetics Trainer, ASTTI integrates the analytic understanding of psyche and soma. The trainings provide insight into how to work somatically, with and without touch, and include lectures on Freud, Reich, Jung, Kohut, Klein, Winnicott and Bion. Please visit our website for schedules and registration information at www.astti.com or contact Drew Hutchinson at 510-868-2878 for more information.