The United States chapter of the International Society for the Psychological Treatments of the Schizophrenias and Other Psychoses (ISPS-US) will hold their annual meeting in San Francisco from October 14-16 at the Fort Mason Center. Many analysts and psychodynamic psychotherapists will present their work.

ISPS-US comes to the Bay Area at a fallow time. Presently, there is no exclusively depth-oriented facility for treating psychotic disorders_an anomaly given that over the last four decades, the Bay Area was host to Boyer House, Soteria, Diabasis, I-Ward, and Shadows, some of the most progressive treatment programs in the world.

Since depth-oriented approaches to psychoses are marginalized in our scientistic worldview, clinicians who offer this modality in private practice or at an internship often struggle against isolation and futility. This meeting will offer camaraderie and will restore confidence. Here_s hoping it can also serve as a catalyst for creating a new program or facility in the future.

For details, go to: www.isps-us.org