NCSPP's Corner

by Jason Butler

Each year the pre-licensed committee hosts a number of events aimed at helping graduate students and early career clinicians to cultivate community, professional development, and intellectual interests. This year we are continuing our efforts to understand the relevance of psychoanalytic thought and practice in relation to social and political structures, while also working to foster a consistent dialogue between Jungian and Freudian derivatives of psychoanalysis.

Our Fall Salon with Jungian analyst Barbara Stevens Sullivan highlighted the many points of convergence between the ideas of Jung and Bion, and challenged the unnecessary separation of these two systems.

On March 12 we will be hosting a happy hour at Comal, in Berkeley. Our happy hours are welcome to all and are consistently filled with delightful conversation and a rich sense of community. In our Spring Salon on May 15, we will be hosting a conversation with Dr. Diane Ehrensaft regarding her work with gender non-conformity.