NCSPP Corner

by Andy Harlem and Michael Donnell


Psychoanalysis is not just a treatment; it is a way of life. Individually and collectively, we live psychoanalysis and it lives within us. We invigorate psychoanalytic thought through our evolving musings and conversations. In turn, we draw on it to enliven our minds, our relationships, and our work, while we strive to use psychoanalysis to make changes in the world around us. The life we live in psychoanalysis changes with time and setting. We discover it in diverse internal and external spaces, in expected and surprising ways at different times in our lives, and at different times in the life of psychoanalysis.

In keeping with the theme Life in Psychoanalysis in Life, we invite you to

explore your own creative excursions into the intersection of psychoanalysis and life and to submit proposals for the meetings in San Francisco, April 23-26th. We encourage you to create novel formats that promote lively interactions among presenters and with/among members of the audience.

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