NCSPP Corner

by Tiffany McLain, MS

NCSPP's Programming Division creates over 27 educational events each year. From the ISG, to the Annual Lecture to the classes, the committees work hard to bring you events that are lively, engaging and thought-provoking.  Despite our lovely community in the Bay Area, within the broader public arena, psychoanalysis has an image problem. As the new programming division chair, I'd like to ask you what psychoanalysis can do to stay relevant in this current social, political, cultural and economic climate - and, what can NCSPP do to fill that niche?

"What might psychoanalysis say about the Zimmerman verdict?"

"How might Winnicott think about OkCupid?"

"What might Klein write about Snowden's actions and the reponse?"

"How would psychoanalysis unpack the works of Alan Moore?"

"How might psychoanalytic theory take up the question of childbearing - to have or have not?"

What do you think? What social issues and cultural enigmas would you like to see NCSPP take up in the coming years?

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