NCSPP Corner

by Tiffany McLain

We here at NCSPP have a tiny secret for you - all these awesome events you attend, they are put on by a slew of tiny elves toiling away in a workshop. Okay! I lied!

All of the NCSPP events that you know and love are actually created, from the ground up, by an entire group of committed, engaged, thoughtful and generous individuals who volunteer their time to bring you the programming, editorials, and social events that you love.

Now it's your turn! We are looking for individuals who are passionate about re-defining what it means to be "psychoanalytic" and re-imagining who and what we can be. It is NCSPP's desire to make psychoanalytic theory and practice increasingly accessible and we need a diverse group of minds to make this possible.

If you're curious, creative and looking to expand your professional network, we'd love to hear from you!

Contact Tiffany McLain for more information about how to join an NCSPP Committee today: