NCSPP Corner

by Ellen Klutznick, Psy.D.


This year's ISG explores the experience of time in psychoanalytic psychotherapy. 

Topics to be explored in the East Bay are: The Reverberating Present; Relational Rupture: Repercussions in the Subjective Sense of Time; The Timelessness of the Unconscious; and Creativity, Beauty, and Other Mindful Experiences.

In San Francisco, topics to be studied are: A Wrinkle in Time: Nachtraglichkeit; Killing Time Softly: Pathological Organization and the Challenge of Time; Time: Marked and Unmarked; and The Forever Present Past: Trauma Studies and Psychoanalysis.

Our knowledgable team of instructors include: Francisco Gonzalez, Eileen Keller, Vivien Dent, and Maureen Murphy in SF. In the East Bay are Dianne Elise, Deborah Melman, Megan Rundel, and Annie Sweetnam.

16 CE credits are earned for each 8-week segment. Please contact Ellen Klutznick at for ISG program questions. 

More information and registration: