NCSPP offers two exciting spring programs:

Savage Melancholia: Shame, Grief & Vengeance in Political Life and the Clinical Encounter
South Bay Symposium with Jed Sekoff, Ph.D. and Peter Goldberg, Ph.D.
Saturday, April 28; Menlo College, 1000 El Camino Real, Atherton

Today's cataclysmic violence threatens us with unremitting anxiety and paralysis. Dr. Sekoff will describe the two unconscious strands in the wounded mind: persecutory narcissistic wounds, and traumatic, unbearable mourning. Dr.'s Sekoff and Goldberg will investigate the mind of the suicidal bomber, exploring its clinical relevance.

Implications of Frances Tustin's Work for the Psychoanalytic Treatment of Adults
Twentieth Annual Lecture with Judith Mitrani, Ph.D.
Saturday, May 5; Laurel Heights Conference Center, San Francisco

Dr. Mitrani will consider Frances Tustin's work with children and adults who use autistic maneuvers to encapsulate unmentalized states. Through case material by Dr. Scott Lines, Dr. Mitrani will illustrate how to identify and address autistic states represented in transference and countertransference.

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