NCSPP and PINC invite you and your artistic spirit to Revisioning Gender, the Intensive Study Group Introductory Event on September 16 at Laurel Heights Conference Center, from 9 AM to 4 PM.

The ISG is entering the world of gender where our minds will be stretched in many new directions. Acclaimed gender theorists Ken Corbett, Ph.D., and Donna Bassin, Ph.D., will take up confines and expansions in our conceptualizations of gender and sexuality, supplemented by Dr. Bassin's slides of her own and other women artists' iconoclastic creations. 

We will view a compelling documentary about the impact of a family member's sex change on her three nieces. We'll conclude with a lively conversation between the audience and our speakers offering a closer understanding of our guests' clinical (re)visions of gender and sexuality. To whet your appetite, don't miss the candid interviews with our two speakers Ken Corbett and Donna Bassin on the NCSPP website.