An introductory course on Control Mastery theory will be offered by the San Francisco Psychotherapy Research Group on Saturday, March 3, with 6 hours of Continuing Education credit. The class will be held at the San Francisco Jewish Community Center from 9am to 4:30pm. Cost is $50. Instructors are Steven Foreman, M.D.; Jan Schreiber, Ph.D.; George Silberschatz, Ph.D.

A week-long intensive conference on Control Mastery theory will be held March 5 - 10 at SFPRG offices in the Presidio. There are new and returning tracks, and suggested courses, including: Etiology of Pathology, How Patients Test, Case Formulation from a Control Mastery Perspective, Trauma, Countertransference, Psychology of Medications, Sexuality, Chemical Dependency, Cases That Are Difficult to Formulate, Psychotherapy With Borderline Patients and more. Participants may sign up for the entire week or on a class-by-class basis. For more information please see our website at www.sfprg.org.

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