If you read People magazine you might think adoption is a trendy fashion accessory. However, if you treat one of 8,000,000 Americans with first-hand adoption connections, you need more information than Madonna's adventures in Malawi. Adoption creates complex family structures and charged dynamics. Adoptive parents, birth parents, and people who were adopted have many stories of therapists misdiagnosing or missing their concerns altogether.

Adoption in the Consulting Room: What Therapists Need to Know will fill gaps in your awareness. Explore the experience of placing a child for adoption, working with birth and adoptive families, and attending to unconscious material in the adoptive situation. 6 CEU's for psychologists, social workers and MFTs.

Speakers: Leslie Foge, MFT, and Gail Mosconi, LCSW, coauthors The Third Choice: A Woman's Guide to Placing a Child for Adoption, and Melissa Holub, Ph.D., psychoanalytic clinician specializing in adoption concerns.

May 19th, 9 AM - 4 PM, Mills College
Register: Melissa Holub, Ph.D. (510) 658-7119 or gail@thirdchoicebooks.com

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