A Day with Muriel Dimen and Virginia Goldner: From Dualism to Multiplicity: Gender and Sexuality Now -- and Then

NCSPP proudly presents its 24th Annual Lecture, March 26th, 2011. Join us for a lively, inspiring day with presenters Muriel Dimen and Virginia Goldner, and interlocutor Stephen Hartman.

Freud's invention of psychoanalysis placed the category of sexuality and the question of gender at theoretical Ground Zero. Sharing such preoccupations, feminism has been its sometimes muffled, sometimes obstreperous interlocutor. And though the controversies have shifted over time from questioning the nature of women to questioning the very category of gender itself, tensions still swirl, and the stakes remain high. Muriel Dimen and Virginia Goldner will tell that story via their own formation as feminists, scholars, and psychoanalysts, and will then present new work that reflects what captivates them now.

3/26/11 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., 2300 California Street , San Francisco.
Register at www.ncspp.org.