A real testament to the richness of our local psychoanalytic scene is the constant feeling of missing out. We at IMPULSE want to help. In thePotential Space feature of this issue, staff writer Elizabeth Bradshaw reports on a recent well-attended lecture in our community. As editor, it is my hope for this sort of reporting to become an ongoing service we provide. If you are involved in planning an event, feel free to inquire with us regarding whether a staff writer is available to attend the event. 

Speaking of reporting, readers might like to know that Division 39 has started a free e-newsletter called InSight. The publication is an excellent source for psychoanalytic news and events happening on the national scene. To subscribe, contact InSight editor Tamara McClintock Greenberg at

As I finish writing, I happily reflect that it is one of those rare days in San Francisco that tricks you into believing a summer takes place here -- a happenstance that, in turn, reminds me to wish everyone rest, rejuvenation and safe travels. 

Warm Regards,
Matthew Morrissey, MFT