Your 30 seconds of fame-act now!

Someone said that April is the cruelest month :) It doesn't have to be. And, we'd like to give you some fun and a chance for fame, brief and fleeting as it may be. For years, we've pondered how to make IMPULSE more interactive for you, dear reader. This month we invite you in.

As I write this, we are on the eve of the Tiburon Film Festival, and the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. What better time to ask you to harness your psychoanalytic prowess for a mini-analysis (300 words or less) of a 1982 short film (6 minutes) by Tim Burton who attended the California Institute of the Arts, worked as a Disney animator, and went on to direct Batman and Edward Scissorhands. His short film, Vincent, is a Dr. Seuss/Edgar Allan Poesque piece rich with fantasy -- a melange of 2D, 3D, German expressionism, and B-horror. 

But, enough about him; more about about you. Take a look at the film and free-associate, using whatever lens you see best with -- Lacanaian, Jungian, Kleinian, Bionian, etc. Everyone from students to rock-star analysts are invited to write up a mini-analysis of 300 words or less. Next month, we'll publish the most intriguing entry in this space with credit to you. And, we'll reward you with a prize of a decent bottle of wine.

We're looking for a fast, impressionistic snapshot, so please feel free to be simply good-enough. Caution: this is a dark film. But, if you haven't heard any of these themes in the consulting room or in your own analysis, you might consider this film an introduction.

Watch the 6 minute film by clicking here, and email your mini-analysis to me by clicking here Submissions must be received by April 15th.

Cleopatra Victoria, MFT