This month, Meg Earls, our Features Editor, and I would like to encourage you to become better known to IMPULSE's 1,800+ readers every month. You can publicize your organization in one of our regular features and reach out to our psychoanalytically-minded viewers in the Northern California community. IMPULSE readers are comprised of members from NCSPP, SFCP, PINC, the Jung Institute, the Lacanian School, and many other institutions. Here's an overview of our features:

Piece of Mind. Tell 1,800 readers about your organization and its psychoanalytic focus. Talk about your mission and imperatives. Use this paid space to promote an upcoming event you're hosting. Get started right now by clicking here.

Event Spotlight. Is your organization hosting a seminar, training, class or gala of interest to the psychoanalytic community? Promote it in this paid space and get more attendees to your event. Please reserve ahead of time, as this is a popular placement. Find out how to do this by clicking here.

Psychoanalysis on the Streets. Are you using psychodynamic principles in your work at a school, agency, non-profit, clinic, hospital, residential treatment facility or other non-private practice setting? Write about how you do this in this free space.

Classified. Want to sell a couch, hire a therapist or get registrants for your case consultation group? Place your paid ad here and get 3,600 eyes reading your information.

Potential Space. Have a psychoanalytic cartoon, poem or photo that's novel, original and your own creation? Using this free space, send it on in and help enliven IMPULSE.

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Cleopatra Victoria, MFT