As we transition our new staff this month, please have patience with IMPULSE. Thanks to Meg Earls, who stays on and moves up to Features Editor. She is your point person for Event Spotlight and Piece of Mind. Bruce Weitzman will keep us herded in the right direction as Managing Editor. Drew Hutchinson is Editor-at-Large and will orchestrate our technical imperatives. Jodi Perelman has served as an interim President's Remarks Editor, and Terra Morais will oversee the ever-popular calendar as Appointment Book Editor. The HTML design and execution of IMPULSE will be handled by Michele McGuinness, Production Manager. Again, a world of thanks to the energetic and imaginative Brad Falconer and Cate Corcoran who depart IMPULSE after nearly three years of dedication. 

I'd like to urge you to use IMPULSE. If you use utilize psychoanalytic principles in your work - whether in a hospital, clinic, private practice or any other setting - we'd like you to write about your experiences in our intermittent column, Psychoanalysis on the Streets. Does your organization have an upcoming event you'd like to promote to the nearly 2000 Bay Area psychoanalytic practitioners who read IMPULSE very month? You may want to book paid space in Event Spotlight or Piece of Mind. Are you a candidate in training who'd like to write - anonymously or not - about your experience in Candidate's Blog? Please see submission guidelines for details on these opportunities. Kleinians, Jungians, Lacanians, whatever your psychoanalytic orientation and whichever theories you create or practice, we'd love to hear from you. Everyone is encouraged to participate, from inspired students to rock-star analysts. 

Cleopatra Victoria, MFT