Editorship Terminable and Interminable

Over four years ago, IMPULSE was birthed with the support of then NCSPP President Francisco Gonzalez. Our charter mission was to be a community psychoanalytic newsletter, published by NCSPP, to serve the needs of the Northern California psychoanalytic culture. Many organizations, such as PINC, SFCP, the Lacanian Institute and the Jungian Institute, agreed to provide their mailing lists to receive IMPULSE with the understanding that this was a community newsletter, not an NCSPP newsletter. Cate Corcoran, Brad Falconer and myself were the original staff, bringing professional technology expertise, as well as analytic vision to the table. 

Our circulation is about 2000 now, and our volunteer, virtual staff includes Bruce Weitzman, who keeps us organized and on deadline every month and corrals the President's column to stay tightly edited and on-schedule. Bruce also reassures and edits me when I ask him, Is this piece too crazy to write??? 

Meg Earls commands our income-producing Piece of Mind and Event Spotlight and has been on board since Brad and Cate, providing continuity over time. Terra Morais is in charge of the highly comprehensive and detailed (whew-proofing!) Appointment Book, and Matthew Morrissey serves as our executive function for all things technology. Finally, Michele McGuiness manages production, allowing us to feel a going-on-being, thanks to her holding and containment of our org over the years. 

Thank you, dear reader, for reading, and for stopping me on the street or in my inbox with comments like, I like your writing, or This is navel-gazing, or I enjoy your edginess, or Yes... I've seen your work, as it were. Some like it hot, and some not. 

I thank my dear (and, at times, not-so-dear :) analysts and the couches that bore me for 10 years, 4x a week. (Just realized the slip -- bore as in tedious, or bore as in drilling, penetrating, or bore as in the past tense of bear weight or baby?) I'm grateful to my analysts for their unwavering reverie (my fantasy), their interpretations that keep marinating me over the years, and how these individuals helped shape me into someone who could deliver IMPULSE into our world. (Have you heard this joke? Before analysis, I was a raging narcissist...After analysis, I'm a raging narcissist... and I'm comfortable with that. :) 

Without all of you, we would not be reading these words. 

Cleopatra Victoria, MFT