From the Editor

by Loong Kwok, Psy.D.    

Impulse was originally conceived as a way to let our community know about the various analytic and psychodynamic classes, events, and lectures in the Bay Area.  We are fortunate to live in an area where there is such diversity in the things we think about and the ways we do so.  There are many innovative, possibly even revolutionary, projects under way, every day.  It only benefits all of us to know more of what each of us is doing.  

While our Appointment Book is a free service, there are times when more information can generate interest in your events.  When that is so, we have our Event Spotlight and Piece of Mind Features, which allow greater space to describe your events or include pictures.  The Event Spotlight is a short piece, meant to serve more as an ad, while the Piece of Mind allows for a more detailed presentation.

It can be easy for us all to talk amongst ourselves, to hear familiar lines of thought, to speak the same language.  This year, I encourage all of us to move our conversations into unfamiliar territories.  It’s a Horse year, and the Chinese view it as a time to try new things, to introduce some discomfort in order to promote new growth.  To those of us who are planning events, consider usingImpulse as a means to reach new audiences.  And to our readers, take the time to go to a lecture or gathering that is outside of your usual fare.