August has arrived.  I hope many of you reading this newsletter are either anticipating going on vacation or are, even right at this moment, sojourning in sunnier climes.  Here's a fun puzzle to help you relax.  Try to unscramble the names of ten theorists.  I've provided a clue underneath each name in the form of an idea or theme most closely associated with that theorist.  In case you get stuck, the answer key is provided at the bottom of the newsletter. 

1.  N A I L B T
    The Basic Fault
2.  T I N S U T
3.  T A M T E   C A L B N O
4.  L E I C L T H M
5.  A B R N I R I F A
    The Moral Defense
6.  S P O H E J
    Psychic Equilibrium
7.  I A L H M N L
    The Daimon
8.  I A G R R Y A I
    Sexual Difference
9.  A A P N L H L C E
    Enigmatic Signifier
10.  I K A V R T E S
Matthew Morrissey, MFT
Impulse Editor-in-Chief