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Margo Chapin, MFT
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An Introduction to Melanie Klein

Course Overview: 

Melanie Klein, a passionate lover of psychoanalysis, extended our understanding of the uncharted development of the mind. By analyzing children’s play, much as Freud had analyzed dreams, she discovered that primitive states emerge in infancy, preceding dynamics of the Oedipal Complex much earlier than originally believed by Freud.

In her psychoanalytic work with children, Klein came to understand the child’s deepest fears and their defenses against them. Her work with children enabled her to advance the current ideas of unconscious phantasy, internal objects, and symbolization. She also made original theoretical contributions to psychoanalysis, most especially the “depressive position” and the “paranoid-schizoid position.” Klein showed how these primitive mental states impact both the child and the adult.
As the founder of an object-relations theory of the mind, Klein was the first to offer an interpersonal model of early psychic life. Significantly, her theories have inspired some of the most imaginative, insightful psychoanalytic thinkers of our time, who have furthered her original theories and developed indispensable theories of their own.

Course Objectives: 
  • Participants will be able to identify and discuss the core early mental processes that underlie emotional development according to Klein’s theoretical approach and contrast them with Freud’s ideas of emotional development.
  • Participants will be able to discuss the nature of, and process behind, child psychoanalysis and describe how it differs from the analysis of an adult.
  • Participants will develop a basic understanding and apply concepts such as internal objects, unconscious phantasy, symbol formation, the paranoid-schizoid and depressive positions, super-ego development, and envy.

Margo Chapin, MFT, is a faculty member of SFCP and a psychoanalyst practicing in Oakland. She teaches widely in the Bay Area and leads private training groups for clinicians.

Target Audience & Level: 

This course is geared towards individuals with introductory or intermediate knowledge of psychoanalytic principles and approaches to treatment.  The course is ideal for  all mental health professionals, graduate students, as well as supervisors and teachers of mental professionals. 

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